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Happy New Year! (Welcome 2010)

Well it has officially be 2 years (and a couple weeks) since I first started this website. I has not lived up to what I had at first envisioned and as I look back on the past 2 years it seems clear to me that I was constantly fighting against myself to make more out of this site than it really is or probably ever will be.

So, with that, I have decided to change course – just a little bit – and start 2010 off on (hopefully) the right foot!

New goal(s):

  • Even though I may not make many “Pages” with proper tutorials (as I had originally planned), I will make my best effort to post something (like short) each and every day (at least as much as I possibly can).
  • Post proper tutorials on big subjects as time allows. I have many ideas here, but little to no time to do it…
  • Post tech-related (and more specifically Linux related whenever possible) posts as often as possible
  • Include a pic or two in regular posts to liven things up a bit… yeah admit it, you’re more inclined to read if you see a pic 😉

That’s it for now. Best wishes to you all in the new year!

p.s. I have some web-development projects coming up in the next few weeks, so I may be talking about web development and design a bit for those who are interested…

Update! – Crash Fix + More to Come!

OK I know it’s been a long time coming, but I’ve posted a quick guide to fixing the nasty Jaunty System Crash that seems to happen to users with NVIDIA and some Intel video cards…

I need to update the guide with some screen captures of how to add the X-Updates repository and its key, but I figured most people experiencing this problem would prefer to have something rather than nothing!

You can find the page here: http://alexsantidote.com/ubuntu/fix-ubuntu-9-04-jaunty-crash-problems/

More updates are coming soon, including a new Firefox section (you may already see it in the menu) which will offer some nice guides to making Firefox even more useful to your individual needs!

As always, if there’s something you’d like to see, please let me know (see the request an antidote page in the menu)…. Some have already made some requests which I am working on and hope to have antidotes posted soon!

Take care,