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Ubuntu wired connection problems

So my mom told me today that her Internet hasn’t been working since my sister was in town and disconnected her Ethernet cable and setup a wireless router and then put it all back to “normal”.

I’m not quite sure what caused the problem, but I went through the usual troubleshooting steps, including disconnecting the power from the cable modem, waiting 30-60 seconds, then powering it up to re-cycle it.

Once I booted up into Ubuntu 9.10 (yeah my mom is cool enough to run Linux) and tested out the connection. It appeared that network manager (nm) was somehow set to not manage networks by default anymore. So I did the following:

gksudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf

Then I changed the settings to look like this:



(I changed managed from false to true… Then I restarted nm and tada! Worked just as good as before.

It still puzzles me how that got changed in the first place as my mom’s user account does not have admin permissions (I usually login remotely or stop by to visit to do any updates for her).