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Updates! WOW!

I decided to change the look of my site… Again… and I must say I am very happy with things now… I cleared the poll if you’d like to give me feedback again on what you think.

I also added a new Tutorial to my site… Now you can learn how to create your very own bootable USB drive with Ubuntu 8.10! (With Persistence even!)

The new tutorial is posted in the menu above under Ubuntu.

I also am working on getting some things organized around here so you’ll also notice an old tutorial (formerly just a post) has been updated with pictures and is posted in the menu above under Windows.

More stuff on the way…

**Note: You can now leave a comment without having to register as a user…**

New Look!

Alex’s Antidote has a new look!

Please tell me what you think by taking the poll (found in the side bar on the right).

More changes, including new content comings very soon! If you have any suggestions, requests, questions, or comments, please leave them here and I will do my best to consider each suggestion/request, answer each question, and respond to your comments.