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Buy a PC — Get a Free Xbox 360 (it’s legit)

Free Xbox 360 w/Purchase of New PC at Amazon
Free Xbox 360 w/Purchase of New PC at Amazon

That’s right folks! You can get a free Xbox 360 if you purchase a new PC from Amazon. Here’s how it works!

Use the link I provide here:
Buy a PC get a Free Xbox 360 from Amazon

And make sure you have a student account at Amazon. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, you can get one for FREE from Amazon as long as you have a valid (and accessible) email address ending with .edu — I’m serious!

If you already have an Amazon.com Student Account, just go here and start shopping!

If you need to get signed up for the Student Account (includes 1 year of FREE Prime shipping benefits), go here first: Get an Amazon.com Student Account for Free
Then come back and go to the link in the above section and get to shopping.

Make sure you add this Xbox –> Xbox 360 4GB Console to your cart!