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Creativity and my struggle with it

I used to think I wasn’t very creative. I always found it odd when people told me I was creative (like when I’d build something out of a random pile of legos). I appreciate the compliment, but didn’t necessarily understand it.

I have always wanted to be creative… Someday I would love to write a book our draw or paint some really cool artwork, or learn how to play an instrument, or something else that’s creative…

It just seems they every time I try I either freeze up or i’m not ever content with my effort so I give up before I even get started… I tell myself “it’s ok, i’m just not the creative type”.

But is that true? Am I really not they creative? What about all those times people have said I was creative? Were they just trying to make me feel good about myself?

Maybe i’m just “accidentally creative” every now and then?

Or maybe I am creative and i’m just self defeating?

I really don’t know the answer, but I hope some day I’ll figure it out…

I wonder if anyone else feels this way…

(disclaimer: I typed this on my phone, so I apologize for any typos, improper auto-corrects, or what have you.)