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Project 6 – Computer Science Practicum

My how time flies!

An update is in order. I have temporarily postponed the Top Secret Project for the sake of a different project.

As I am enrolled in an on-going degree program in Computer Science, I have a course this semester that has required an extensive amount of time and resources. This course requires that I work with a team of peers to develop a project selected by our professor.

Our project, Project 6, has been a work in progress since January. The latest release is v0.3 and is currently on our test server. There is much work to be done before the final product can be released.

I was new to PHP, MySQL, and AJAX up until I began this project. But now, since this project, I have improved dramatically in my knowledge of these languages.

I may post further updates as time allows.

I am not sure of who the copyright will belong to when this project is all said and done. But if we are able to release it as open source, probably under the GNU/GPL, then I will leave more detailed information at that time.