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Excited Newb

Hello everyone name is Jeremy, some know me better as T. But more on that later *nods*


Well First I want to say it’s awesome to be here on Alex’s Antidote! he made me aware of this site the other day when I made a post on Facebook about the passing of Dwayne McDuffie (RIP). Since then I’ve looked over the board and in talks with Alex I’ve decided to jump on board as a writer/author here. I look forward to talking about some of the things I personally love to enjoy in life; Comic Books, Movies, and TV shows/cartoons. I may sometimes post something on Sports just to annoy you all, but it’ll be mostly about Comics.


A little bit about myself, I’m almost a quarter century old and I am from Michigan. I love American Football especially the University of Michigan, but really i’ll watch any football game if/when i can. I enjoy reading all kinds of comic books (Specifically X-Men titles, Teen Titans, JLA, GLcorps, and anything with Static in it). My favorite comic book character is Static from Milestone/DC comics and second favorite is Cable from Marvel comics. I really like watching movies, mostly action/comedies. I’ll watch any cartoon/tv show for at least 2 episodes before completely giving up on it, i call it my 2 ep rule because i believe after 2 episodes i can usually gauge whether or not i’m going to invest my time in this for the long haul. Leverage, Detroit 1-8-7, Chuck, and House are probably my favorites right now, though my watching list on Hulu is much longer lol


So anyways, enough about me. I hope you are all ready to endure my thoughts and opinions on things!