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“Where Have You Been?” — An update on my life.

I'm Still Alive
Yes... I'm Still Alive

It has occurred to me that it has been two weeks since my last post. Time sure flies doesn’t it? Having a wife and kids, a business to run, and everything else that goes on, it is hard to keep up sometimes. But, don’t worry, I’m still alive and have a lot of neat things to share… I just need more time to do it! Ugh!

My birthday was this past week and, I’m not going to lie, it was pretty awesome! I got to go out to eat with family and friends and also got some cool stuff.

I get some questions from time to time, most of them I can answer by email and are not really significant enough to post on the site (as they are more specific/acute problems), but every once in a while I get a quest that I think will benefit a lot of people and so I try to post it on here for other to read.

So… What do you think?

But, since things have been really crazy lately, I’m going to ask for your opinion(s)… What type of stuff would you like to read/learn from this site? If you have an idea for something that would be interesting and useful to yourself and others, please let me know (comment below or via facebook, twitter, or email).

One of these days I need to put up some reviews on some paperbacks I’ve been reading… Some really good ones too! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m looking forward to your feedback guys and gals! have a great weekend!

New Theme and Site Navigation (Bonus: Poll)

Well I mentioned recently that I was going to make a new theme for the site and here it is! To go with the new theme I also changed the navigation. Now the menu is sorted by topic only and is pretty straightforward. (If for some reason you liked the old “Antidote” category posts, they are still here, just under “Tech Stuff”).

Some of these new sections are empty — as in there are no posts there yet — but that will change in the near future. I now have another author to help add content to this site, so stay tuned.

For comparison I have included some small screenshots of the old and new themes with a new poll for you to vote and tell me what you think. If you have ideas/suggestions to make it better, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me via twitter, facebook, or email. Thanks!

New Theme
New Theme
Old Theme
Old Theme
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Excited Newb

Hello everyone name is Jeremy, some know me better as T. But more on that later *nods*


Well First I want to say it’s awesome to be here on Alex’s Antidote! he made me aware of this site the other day when I made a post on Facebook about the passing of Dwayne McDuffie (RIP). Since then I’ve looked over the board and in talks with Alex I’ve decided to jump on board as a writer/author here. I look forward to talking about some of the things I personally love to enjoy in life; Comic Books, Movies, and TV shows/cartoons. I may sometimes post something on Sports just to annoy you all, but it’ll be mostly about Comics.


A little bit about myself, I’m almost a quarter century old and I am from Michigan. I love American Football especially the University of Michigan, but really i’ll watch any football game if/when i can. I enjoy reading all kinds of comic books (Specifically X-Men titles, Teen Titans, JLA, GLcorps, and anything with Static in it). My favorite comic book character is Static from Milestone/DC comics and second favorite is Cable from Marvel comics. I really like watching movies, mostly action/comedies. I’ll watch any cartoon/tv show for at least 2 episodes before completely giving up on it, i call it my 2 ep rule because i believe after 2 episodes i can usually gauge whether or not i’m going to invest my time in this for the long haul. Leverage, Detroit 1-8-7, Chuck, and House are probably my favorites right now, though my watching list on Hulu is much longer lol


So anyways, enough about me. I hope you are all ready to endure my thoughts and opinions on things!



95% of People Won’t Re-Post / Like This…

Re-post this -- because I said so...

It is getting to the point where I can’t stand being on Facebook any more. It seems I can’t be on there for more than 10 minutes without something like this popping up on my news-feed! I am beginning to wonder if I am the only sane/rational person in this world… Or am I the one who’s lost it?

You know exactly what I’m talking about (well you should if you’ve spent 5 minutes on the internet). I really shouldn’t have to go into great detail about this topic, so I’ll keep it simple — if nothing else, but for my own sanity — and get this rant over with.

“Dude, what are you ranting about?!”

The current trend is simple. Someone posts something (generally on facebook, but it happens on other sites too) and somewhere near the end of the statement it will say “Re-Post this if you agree” or “Like this if you agree” or some flavor of “re-post” and/or “like” in the form of a command… And without fail people cannot help themselves! People, millions of them, re-post and/or like these things, many of them re-posting the same (or very similar) things over and over in the span of days (or even on the same day)!

This is getting ridiculous!

This stuff comes in different shapes and forms. Here’s a quick list (shortened to topic/idea, because I have no patience for this):

  • You’re not my friend unless you re-post/like this
  • You’re not a Christian — I.E. you’re ashamed of Jesus — if you don’t re-post/like this
  • *Some random percentage in the 80’s to 90’s range* % of people will not re-post this (andย  you don’t want to be one of THEM)
  • Facebook/Myspace/Etc. is going to start charging you money so re-post to share with everyone
  • Some other serious, but most likely not true, “fact(s)” that you must re-post or you’re heartless and part of the “system”
  • Some catchy phrase or funny joke — but re-post it because I told you too (not because you liked it)
  • Parody re-reposts (basically like above only mocking/making fun of the above)
  • And etc. etc. etc….

I’ve seen this with text-messages too… I’m sure this still happens in emails too, but I think that may be dieing out. I know I’m not the only one who remembers the Urban Legend Chain-Emails form the 90’s right? Wow those were annoying! Oh yeah, and Bill Gates wants to give you money just for forwarding this email on to everyone of your contacts… my friend is a lawyer and verified this is true and legal (pft yeah right)…

I once tried to come up with a reasonable/logical conclusion as to why people constantly take part in this… But then I gave up because it was a pointless quest.

I have loved ones and friends who do this so I have been quite about it for a very long time, but I can’t take it any more! I am calling for a moratorium on this nonsense! Of course, no one is going to care about that or what I have to say… So instead here’s a quick poll for you, perhaps your answers can help me make sense of it all… oh yeah, and after you do the poll… since I know you can’t help yourselves… RE-POST THIS ON FACEBOOK / MYSPACE | and ETC! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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