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Collabtive update

Ok last night / this morning I installed Collabtive to test it out. The install was really simple. Make a MySQL database, upload the files to your webhost (be sure to put them all in their own directory if you have other content on your host), navagate to your collabtive install’s root then install.php and follow the instructions. Once you’re done delete install.php and update.php

I setup a project and some related milestones and tasks. It looks like it is lacking one really important feature: SVN. But for free open source… It’s a great deal! Someday when I get time maybe I’ll add svn functionality to it.

Open Source Collaboration FTW!


I came across an article about an open source collaborative webapp and decided to check it out. I have been looking into project management and collaboration tools for a few months now, but none of them seem to have the features I want/need for the price I can currently afford… I will be downloading this and giving it a test run very soon!

Collabtive via [lifehacker]

Collabtive Demo