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If only I had more time…

Am I the only one who feels like there is not enough time in a day to accomplish everything there is to be accomplished?

Or maybe that’s just my problem. I can’t seem to focus on just one thing at a time and get that done… Instead I jump from project to project, completing a little here and a little there. I’ve tried To-Do lists, I’ve tried Sticky Notes, I’ve tried minimalistic interfaces, and a whole bunch of other things that are supposed to limit distractions… but no matter what I do I can’t stop my brain from thinking up new and great ideas that I want to work on now!

If only I had more time… Of course in order for this idea to work, I would have to be the only person with that extra time in the day, because if this extra time was available to everyone then the standards of the world would just increase to meet the new time restraints and we’d back to where we were. It’s kind of like how raising minimum wage doesn’t really help anyone, it just increases inflation and hurts the people who had worked so hard to get raises up and away from minimum wage…

So what I want/need is a time increase for just me. And since that will never happen, I suppose I need to find a way to focus and be more productive.

Help Me!

While normally I only post about “Antidotes” or solutions to problems I have come up with, I’m stumped here. So I’m asking you — people of the interwebs — to help me!

If you have a solution to my problem, post a comment below or tweet me (@alexsantidote). Thanks!

Update! – Crash Fix + More to Come!

OK I know it’s been a long time coming, but I’ve posted a quick guide to fixing the nasty Jaunty System Crash that seems to happen to users with NVIDIA and some Intel video cards…

I need to update the guide with some screen captures of how to add the X-Updates repository and its key, but I figured most people experiencing this problem would prefer to have something rather than nothing!

You can find the page here: http://alexsantidote.com/ubuntu/fix-ubuntu-9-04-jaunty-crash-problems/

More updates are coming soon, including a new Firefox section (you may already see it in the menu) which will offer some nice guides to making Firefox even more useful to your individual needs!

As always, if there’s something you’d like to see, please let me know (see the request an antidote page in the menu)…. Some have already made some requests which I am working on and hope to have antidotes posted soon!

Take care,