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Hello everyone name is Jeremy, some know me better as T. But more on that later *nods*


Well First I want to say it’s awesome to be here on Alex’s Antidote! he made me aware of this site the other day when I made a post on Facebook about the passing of Dwayne McDuffie (RIP). Since then I’ve looked over the board and in talks with Alex I’ve decided to jump on board as a writer/author here. I look forward to talking about some of the things I personally love to enjoy in life; Comic Books, Movies, and TV shows/cartoons. I may sometimes post something on Sports just to annoy you all, but it’ll be mostly about Comics.


A little bit about myself, I’m almost a quarter century old and I am from Michigan. I love American Football especially the University of Michigan, but really i’ll watch any football game if/when i can. I enjoy reading all kinds of comic books (Specifically X-Men titles, Teen Titans, JLA, GLcorps, and anything with Static in it). My favorite comic book character is Static from Milestone/DC comics and second favorite is Cable from Marvel comics. I really like watching movies, mostly action/comedies. I’ll watch any cartoon/tv show for at least 2 episodes before completely giving up on it, i call it my 2 ep rule because i believe after 2 episodes i can usually gauge whether or not i’m going to invest my time in this for the long haul. Leverage, Detroit 1-8-7, Chuck, and House are probably my favorites right now, though my watching list on Hulu is much longer lol


So anyways, enough about me. I hope you are all ready to endure my thoughts and opinions on things!



Attempted Hack on My Site?! Really?!

Exponentially increased traffic?
Exponentially increased traffic?

So I logged in to my site today and noticed my traffic had spiked exponentially! Check out the screenshot of the bar graph (showing yesterday and today for comparison). 300 visitors and 3000 pageviews in a single day? On my humble little website? Way too good to be true!

So I looked further and found some unsettling info in the visitor statistics… It looked something like this:

14:38:08 //lists/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:09 //newsletter/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:10 //news/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:10 //phplist/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:11 //phpList/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:12 //admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:13 //phplist/lsts/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:14 //phplists/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd
14:38:14 //list/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd

Looks like someone was trying to pull a RFI — Remote File Inclusion — attack on my site…

Next I checked my logs:

cat /var/www/logs/*.log | grep '\.\.\/\.\.\/' > /tmp/rfi_attack.log
cat /var/www/logs/*.log | grep 'SERVERQDOCUMENT' > /tmp/rfi_attack.log
cat /var/www/logs/*.log | grep 'DOCUMENT_ROOT' > /tmp/rfi_attack.log
cat /var/www/logs/*.log | grep '\.txt??' > /tmp/rfi_attack.log

and here’s the output: - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:08 -0700] "GET //lists/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 680 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:09 -0700] "GET //newsletter/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 685 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:10 -0700] "GET //news/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 679 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:10 -0700] "GET //phplist/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 682 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:11 -0700] "GET //phpList/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 682 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:12 -0700] "GET //admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 674 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:13 -0700] "GET //phplist/lsts/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 687 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:14 -0700] "GET //phplists/admin/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 683 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)" - - [24/Feb/2011:14:38:14 -0700] "GET //list/index.php?_SERVER[ConfigFile]=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd HTTP/1.1" 301 673 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)"

So it looks like this is the only attack (at least the only one of this type)… I ran some scripts to see if the hacker was able to access and modify any files, but everything came back negative. So for now I am going to try to rest easy and let this one go. I have no idea why anyone would bother messing with my site as they really don’t stand to gain anything, but life is full of stupid people. Right?

I would like to assume that the hacker was at least smart enough to work through a proxy, but I also don’t want to overestimate him either… so here are a few neat images with info attached to the hacker’s IP address, just for fun… but first here are a few links for further reading on RFI attacks how to protect against them and how to check your logs to see if someone was performing one on you tried to hack me? tried to hack me?
Look is from Germany!
Look is from Germany!
Look here's his ISP and domain!
Look here's his ISP and domain!

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne Mcduffie
Dwayne Mcduffie

These past few days I have been ranting about how excited I was to watch the new All Star Superman movie and in doing so was more than happy to mention the man who wrote the script for the movie, Dwayne McDuffie. I have enjoyed his comics and cartoons/movies (even before I knew he was involved in making them), and wanted to give proper credit and explanation for why his work is so good. I have never been very good at writing stuff like that (always more technically minded, sorry)… I was going to ask my buddy/cousin Jeremy to write something to put on here to better explain why McDuffie is such a great asset to the Comic community, but I had no idea it would end up being under these circumstances.

Earlier today, Dwayne McDuffie passed away. It was very shocking and sad news and I wasn’t sure how to respond. By the time I had a chance to talk with Jeremy about it he had already written an amazing and heart-felt note on his Facebook page about Mr. McDuffie. I asked for his permission to post it here and he obliged. So, without further ramblings from myself, here is a very nice tribute to Dwayne McDuffie:

Today I was informed of one of the hardest things I’ve had to hear so far in this short year of 2011: Dwayne McDuffie has passed away today (2/22/2011) after a surgery Monday had complications. for those that are wanting to see: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=30969 was the page tweeted to me by Alex Mason (thank you for keeping me updated man). This is something that is really hard for me to deal with at the moment because i just worked 13 hours on 4 hours sleep so for those that are reading this, bare with me because I’m about to go off on a tangent.

Dwayne McDuffie is/was my favorite Comic Book writer to read. Everything he wrote in my opinion was gold. From the co-creator of Milestone Comics (which includes my favorite comic book character period: Static) to the recent run in JLA vol 4 that was hampered severely by Dido’s executive team his writing always stood out to me. He had a way of making you want to know more about the characters he was writing about, a different take than the usual straight forward status quo, and often times he would use often forgotten characters to make the ones he was working with better. He could take a story that many would avoid and work it into a realistic yet fiction setting. A talent like McDuffie can be replaced? but it’ll never be duplicated or respectfully mirrored. He was a man that could break down and rationalize any fight fans could think of (look up McDuffie’s break down of a fight between Superman/Wonder Woman it makes you step back and really think about the characters in a different light) when asked on his forums.

I’ve yet to read a comic book series as good as the Static 1-45 (owns about 2500+ comics and has read about 2x that). This series covered a lot of REAL issues within each of it’s pages. A lot of DC comics can be broke down into about 4 styles: Superman, Batman, Cosmic, random. By this I mean: Superman: super light side, with a lot of justice yet big blue holding his morals, Batman: grit and schemes and plans and the ‘shadows’ everything dark about the world (note I believe about 70% of comics tailor to this style), Cosmic: space stuff like GLs and Darkseid, Teams: JLA/Teen Titans/JSA/Outsiders/Doom Patrol/REBELS/LoSH/etc. each of those styles cover a different issue of sorts, most avoid the real issues at all possible usually only alluding to them. In Static’s series? you name it it was more then likely in there if a teenager has to deal with it (lol of course not everything, but it did a really good job).

I would of liked to see Dwayne’s comments on the first issue of the new ongoing Static series that Felicia Henderson (writer of Fresh Prince and the 2010 run of TTs) is going to be writing. While a lot harp on her? McDuffie displayed a respect and a lot of praise in her work in that short span with Static. I think they’ll probably make the first issue a ‘in memory of Dwayne McDuffie’ issue, if not I’ll be disappointed in DC comics as a whole.

Now I have to sit back and look at whose left? while I like Johns and Morrison work a lot, they did not bring a balance view to comics imo. That added to Dido’s tyrannical reign leaves little faith that McDuffie’s characters will be treated with the respect they deserve (other than Static and possibly Hardware). He was one of the only writers that when writing a African descent character that did not immediately make everything about the usual wrongs of their history. He would put them in the here and now, respect their history, and not make such a deal to the point of pushing away readers (for example: what a lot of Black Panther’s writers do). He made me want to read more of different race characters that’s for sure, because besides Black Lightning and Apache Chief in Super Friends I didn’t know of many, then Green Lantern John Stewart in JLA cartoon (which i later learned was being produced by McDuffie) and Static in Static Shock (written/produced by McDuffie) cartoon.

Watch Static-Shock Cartoons Online

Static Shock the cartoon is what made me go out and start buying comic books (which at the time Static was not in comic books… so i started on Xmen academy and Teen Titans). I now own a lot of the Milestone comics titles, including the complete Static series 1-45, his mini in 2001, and the more recent stuff too including Milestone Forever (a 2 comic must read imo) and his JLA vol 4 run.

I think I’ve spoken enough/explained how strongly i feel about this man’s impact on my life. Without him? I wouldn’t be the comic book fan I am today. I will miss you and your writing Dwayne. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family/loved ones. most of all, as a loyal fan you will never die to me, because you’ll live on in my heart/mind and forever be a foundation to my comic book views, opinions, and approaches to comics.

thank you for the amazing time you gave to us.

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

Jeremy Campbell
Jeremy Campbell

About the author: Jeremy Campbell is a young well-rounded and hard-working Michigan man. He owns thousands of comics and has read even more. When he’s not sharing his knowledge and love for comics, he is probably writing his own (in the form of role-playing stories) or watching sports (or working).

Note from Alex: if you are looking for any books/comics written by Dwayne McDuffie, you can find them, but they are selling out fast!
Here’s a good place to start.
Also look here for movies/cartoons he wrote/produced.

All Star Superman Movie = Awesome!

Just finished watching All Star Superman with my wife and kids. It was awesome! Obviously they could no include EVERYTHING from the comics so I kept that in consideration as I watched it.

All-in-all I think McDuffie did an excellent job with this one (as if one could expect any less from him). I am especially happy that he left out the bizzaro world part of the comics as that was my least favorite part of that excellent read (not to mention it would have been externally difficult to do the voice acting for the bizzaro characters and even more confusing to casual fans/viewers).

I’m so glad I own this on DVD so I can watch it again and again! Though the blu-ray would be nice too as it has lots of awesome extras (look out bro, you got the better end of this deal)!

All Star Superman Movie – Can’t Wait!

All Star Superman Moive
All Star Superman Movie
It wasn’t too long ago.. I remember reading through the All Star Superman comic book series written by Grant Morrison and thinking: “This has to be the best Superman story ever!” and now the DVD will be officially released in a matter of minutes! To say that I’m excited is a bit of an understatement!

Grant Morrison’s “All Star Superman” comics brought out all the best features and qualities of Superman over the decades and wrapped them all into one awesome package! Throw in a classic Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson, a Lex Luthor at his evil genius finest and top it all off with a nice helping of various bad-guys and you’ve only just begun! I’d tell you more, but why waste time on that?! If you haven’t read the comics yet, you can purchase the collected volumes in either Trade PaperBack or Hardcover here:

Trade Paperbacks Hardcovers Absolute w/Extras

Now, about that movie?! I haven’t seen it and do not know anyone who has, but I can tell you this much: Amazon has it listed at more than reasonable prices right now. My brother has a Blu-ray player and I don’t, so we went halfsies on the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack! Can’t wait to get it in the mail tomorrow! I might have to go in to work a little later just so I can watch it with my son!

Well what are you waiting for? Why not get your copy now if you haven’t already?

Blu-ray/DVD Combo DVD 2-disk DVD Single

Also, here’s a trailer for your enjoyment:

Still not convinced? Well the Dwayne McDuffie did the writing for the movie version and that guy is one heck of a writer (Static Shock anyone?) not to mention he had one heck of a baseline to go off of anyway… Maybe I’ll have to get my buddy/cousin to get on here some time and talk about how awesome McDuffie is…

oh yeah, and did I mention… Lex Luthor has super powers?!