Windows 7 – Solid Background Boot Delay Bug

OK I found this to be interesting… Apparently there is a bug in Windows 7 that causes a 30 second startup delay when you opt to use a solid color background vs. a background image of any kind…

Now, I’ve never developed (or been a part of developing) an entire operating system, so I guess my point on this may be way off base, but does this bug make any sense at all? To me, from a programming perspective, no… not at all!

Supposedly there is a patch/workaround for it, though I haven’t tried any of it (I have Windows 7 at work, I may be tempted to test it out tomorrow just for the sake of verifying it first hand).
You can find info about the patch and workaround here: Lifehacker article.

Prototype vs. jQuery

I always used to code my own AJAX functions, but it is becoming apparent that I need a more efficient framework since I will be developing websites on a regular basis now.

I did some research and it seems that Prototype and jQuery are two of the more popular frameworks.

After reading this and this, I think Prototype is going to fit my needs better, though they both look promising.

Project HH

My first official paid project is underway! At this time I am not at liberty to give out too many details, but I will update with more info when I am able.

What I can say is that I am very excited about this project an eager to get the ball rolling. I already submitted some template ideas and some page-flow ideas for approval.

Lexmark x1240 meet Ubuntu – play nice

I have an old Lexmark 3-in-one scanner/copier/printer and it’s been sitting on my desk collecting dust. I finally had a use for it today as I needed to scan something. I know that Lexmark printers are notorious for being unfriendly to Linux, so I did some searching before plugging the printer in.

Everywhere I looked showed that there is no scanning support for the Lexmark as they refuse to release any source code for their print drivers, and the only binaries they offer are for print functionality only.

Well I remembered that I had previously installed XSane (though for some reason I cannot remember why), so I figured I’d just mess around and see what happens.

I plugged in the Lexmark X1240 to my USB port and right away XSane kicked into gear! It gave me two options: eithe I just plugged in a camera or a scanner. Obviously it was the latter. I clicked scanner and bingo! I was in business! I hit scan and like magic it was done in no time!

The default file format is pnm so I just converted to png and I was done!

I’ll try to put pics up later.