Top Secret Project – Phase 3

Status: In Progress

Name: Prepare for Launch

Make necessary preparations to be prepared for official launch of this site. This includes making changes to themes and appearance of the site as well as adding initial content.

Estimated Time to Complete:
2nd week of January, 2008. — Originally I wanted to Launch the site by January 1st, 2008. However, this was unrealistic since I have such a busy schedule and this is just a project and so far does not amount to a paycheck.

I have a lot to do to get this ready, and I need to have it up and running before Winter semester begins.

Top Secret Project – Phase 2

Status: Complete!

Name: Installation of Linux

Download and burn the installation CD of Ubuntu Linux and install the operating system on my notebook computer.

Time to Complete:
It took about 10 hours to download and burn the disk, and about 30 minutes to install.

Ubuntu was installed and ran great without any problems! There were problems, however, with Windows! This was not the fault of Ubuntu, but rather mine. More will be explained about this at a later time. If I remember I will post a link to that article here.

Top Secret Project – Phase 1

Status: Complete!

Name: Initialize Website

Description: Obtain a domain name and web-host and install a blog for communicating updates and other vital information.

Time to Complete: It took about 2 or 3 weeks from the time I finalized my decision to pursue this project.

Notes: This project is called “Top Secret” because I chose early on only to reveal the details of this project to a select group of individuals. More details will be revealed as time progresses.