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A New Purpose

Just a quick post to mention that I’m still alive and doing well. Life is busy, but I do miss writing. I have a lot of creative things in mind and most of it is less technical. I think the original purpose is not going to work for me or this site (there are too many sites out there that do it better and more consistently and I’m happy about that).

Being honest with myself here, I haven’t posted in so long because I felt guilty that I could not post quality content within the scope of what I had originally intended this site to be for. Now I realize (or accept, rather) that I need only free myself of that limitation and I can post anything I want. So that is what I will do (and now, hopefully, more often). I think I’ll have some fun with it and let this be an outlet of stress relief for me (and anyone who cares to read it).

So, I look forward to it. See you around folks (figuratively at least).

Creativity and my struggle with it

I used to think I wasn’t very creative. I always found it odd when people told me I was creative (like when I’d build something out of a random pile of legos). I appreciate the compliment, but didn’t necessarily understand it.

I have always wanted to be creative… Someday I would love to write a book our draw or paint some really cool artwork, or learn how to play an instrument, or something else that’s creative…

It just seems they every time I try I either freeze up or i’m not ever content with my effort so I give up before I even get started… I tell myself “it’s ok, i’m just not the creative type”.

But is that true? Am I really not they creative? What about all those times people have said I was creative? Were they just trying to make me feel good about myself?

Maybe i’m just “accidentally creative” every now and then?

Or maybe I am creative and i’m just self defeating?

I really don’t know the answer, but I hope some day I’ll figure it out…

I wonder if anyone else feels this way…

(disclaimer: I typed this on my phone, so I apologize for any typos, improper auto-corrects, or what have you.)