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How to watch Amazon Prime Videos in Ubuntu 14.04 or Newer

Amazon Prime Videos now rely on one of two things: 1. a browser that supports HTML5 video player, or 2. Silverlight being installed on the system and a browser that is compatible with it.

If you’re using Ubuntu and running Firefox you may see the following when attempting to watch Prime Videos:

Amazon Video: Browser Not Supported

Until Firefox fully supports HTML5 video player (and whatever other features Amazon requires — click to see Amazon Video System Requirements), it probably wont work. It works in Firefox on Windows if you have Silverlight installed, but Silverlight being a Microsoft product, does not play well with Linux/Ubuntu.

So what can you do?

# Install Google Chrome

There are a few different ways to install Chrome, but I like to use the PPA (at least until it gets added into the main Ubuntu repos).

  1. Open your terminal and enter the following lines of code…
  2. Add Key: (this should all be on one line, including the – at the end)
    wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
  3. Set repository: (this should all be on one line)
    sudo sh -c 'echo "deb stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list'
  4. Install package: (this should all be on one line)
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable

# Watch Amazon Prime Videos in Chrome

Now Chrome is installed and should update whenever you update your system (provided there is an update available for Chrome). Go ahead and open Chrome and go find your favorite video on Amazon Prime and enjoy.


Note: I’m updating this post from one I wrote over a year ago. If you want to read the old post you still can. I kept it below in a hidden div.

# Disclaimer

Don’t do any of this if you don’t know what the commands do. I cannot be responsible for what happens to your computer as a result of your attempt to follow this tutorial. By using this guide you acknowledge that I’m just trying to help describe what process I used to get it to work on my computer and offering it as feedback to anyone else attempting to accomplish the same thing.

Understanding Netflix’s New Price Plans

Netflix is changing their plans and prices...
Netflix is changing their plans and prices...

So today Netflix announced that they are starting new price plans. The plans become effective immediately for new customers and begin on Sept. 1st, 2011 for existing customers.

So what’s the deal?
— Price plans are broken up into 2 groups:
1. “Unlimited” DVD-Only — Starting at $7.99 (for one-out-at-a-time and NO streaming)
2. “Unlimited” Streaming-Only — Starting at $7.99 (no DVD’s)

Why is this a big deal?
— For new customers, it probably isn’t an issue due to the “You don’t know what you’re missing” effect… But for existing customers, this is quite a drastic change!

For existing customers who have/had both Streaming and DVD (one-out-at-a-time), the price was $9.99, but under the new plan it will be $15.98 (DVD @ $7.99 + Streaming @ $7.99 = $15.98).

— Yeah, that’s what I said, so I read their blog –> here and found out for myself… To save you time, I’ll summarize:

Netflix is changing their plans because they didn’t expect both the streaming and DVD delivery to be so popular. People were taking advantage of both and it was cutting into their profits. As a result Netflix is changing things so they can make more money and continue to grow — and I’m sure provide everyone better service or something…

Their Justification?
— Apparently the original plan was to introduce Streaming and change the DVD shipments to a $2 add-on. My guess is they figured DVD rental was on its way out the door and everyone would migrate to streaming-only over time, but of course that proved to be wrong and DVD rentals are still a big thing.

So now they want to cater to 2 different markets — Streaming only and DVD only.
And if you are in one of those categories, you’re golden! (DVD-only customers are essentially going to save $2/month now vs. what they would have paid)

I think they should have done the plan like this:
— Streaming only for $7.99 w/DVD add-on for $2 more
— DVD only for $7.99 w/Streaming add-on for $2 more

This way everyone is happy and it wouldn’t be a drastic change that pisses off your customers… Just saying…

What does this mean to you (besides the Money issues)?
If you are a fan of the streaming, this probably means they will put more emphasis into getting better quality and newly released movies available for streaming (they better or this will be a major flop).

If you are a fan of the DVD rentals, this is good news because it means they are committed to a long-term DVD rental approach, so you wont have to worry about switching to streaming any time soon.

If you’re a customer who takes advantage of both DVD rental and Streaming, this means you’re going to pay an extra $6 each month for this “luxury”.

In Defense of Netflix (more or less)
Here is a nice quote from my friend Brian:

I think a lot of the problem is the companies producing the movies hate Netflix with a passion, because the service is seriously eating into their DVD & Blu-Ray sales. I saw on CNN today that a lot of movies disappeared from the streaming service thanks to a licensing issue with Sony Entertainment. Some of the movie publishers have stopped making their movies available to Netflix even for DVD rental until a month after they’re available for purchase in an attempt to get people to buy the movies instead of rent them. I think this plan change is just Netflix’s way of attempting to deal with the way they’ve been treated by the movie industry while trying to remain profitable.

Smallville: The Complete Series (on DVD)

Smallville: The Complete Series
Smallville: The Complete Series

If you don’t know what Smallville is by now, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing the past 10 years! One of the best TV series ever (yes, that’s my opinion, so don’t get too worked up if you disagree) and it’s coming to an end! Tonight is the last episode before the Series Finale — which will be a full 2 hours by the way!

Note: If you seriously don’t know anything about Smallville, I’m going to talk about it more at the bottom of this post. I will include a link to a page where you can watch a few episodes online for free!

The good news is that you can now purchase (or pre-order that is) Smallville: The Complete Series — that’s right the whole series in one package! Check out this awesome promo video!

At the time of this posting the complete set is on sale for $224.99 (regular retail price is $339.88). If you break it down by season, that comes out to just $22.50 per season for the sale price or $33.99 for the retail price. The retail price alone is a great deal if you compare it to purchasing each season individually as they run $35-50 each!

Not only is this a better price, but you also get everything — all 218 episodes on 62 disks with 2 disks of bonus features — but you get everything in one convenient package! Anyone who’s purchased the Smallville DVD sets each season (myself included) will tell you the quality of the packaging of the earlier seasons leaves much to be desired!

If I didn’t already own seasons 1-9 on DVD already, I might be tempted to buy this. Ha! Who am I kidding I’m tempted to buy it anyway! If only I had the money…

About Smallville

For those of you who are not sure about Smallville, here is a quick overview:

Smallville is the story of the teenage years of Superman’s life. It is the story of how Clark Kent became Superman! The series begins with Clark starting High School and covers all the struggles he has coping with normal teenage stuff and compounded by the fact that he is gaining new powers and needs to learn not only how to control them, but also how to conceal them so he doesn’t end up somebody’s science experiment!

As the series progresses you get to follow Clark’s journey… relationships (the highs and the lows)… competitive sports (how can you “play fair” when you’re super-human?)… encounters with “meteor freaks” who are other teenage kids who have superpowers bestowed on them due to excessive/unusual exposure to Kryptonite — the one thing that can kill Clark!

During this part of the series you really get a good sense of how Superman grows up to have all those strong moral values and why he didn’t end up a criminal or worse some kind of evil world dictator. You get to see how being raised by John and Martha Kent really made the biggest impact on Clark’s life.

You will also get to experience a side of Clark/Superman that you don’t normally get to see in the Movies… Clark’s struggle to feel like he belongs on Earth…his struggle with his humanity and his super-humanity… (note: you get to see this side of him in the comics sometimes, but you’d have to be a regular reader to really get the same sense you get from the Smallville TV series).

About mid-way through the series things take a darker turn and you get to experience some of the lowest points of Clark’s life. He’s just like any other teenager, only his self-discovery years are further complicated by his powers as well as influences from his Biological/Kryptonian father Jor-El…

Did I mention the series also includes a friendship between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor that goes sour? I’d talk about that, but that is one of the most amazing parts of the whole series and I’d hate to ruin it for you!

Another great part of the series is the special guests/characters! You get to see how Clark meets the Legion of Superheroes from the future, how he meets Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Cyborg, Impulse, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and the early beginnings of the Justice League! Later on he meets the Justice Society (Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Star Girl) — which by the way is an awesome 2hr episode!

Oh and then there’s the villains… various meteor freaks, Lex, Zor-El, Bizarro, Zod & company, Checkmate & the Suicide Squad, and so much more!

Man, writing about all of this is making me want to watch the whole thing all over again from beginning to end! (well I’ll have to wait for season 10 to come out on DVD to get to the end, but maybe by the time it’s out I’ll have watched everything up to that point).

Here’s a link to watch some free episodes (from season 10) online: Click Here

What are you doing still reading this? Shouldn’t you be ordering this already! 😉

All Star Superman Movie – Can’t Wait!

All Star Superman Moive
All Star Superman Movie
It wasn’t too long ago.. I remember reading through the All Star Superman comic book series written by Grant Morrison and thinking: “This has to be the best Superman story ever!” and now the DVD will be officially released in a matter of minutes! To say that I’m excited is a bit of an understatement!

Grant Morrison’s “All Star Superman” comics brought out all the best features and qualities of Superman over the decades and wrapped them all into one awesome package! Throw in a classic Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson, a Lex Luthor at his evil genius finest and top it all off with a nice helping of various bad-guys and you’ve only just begun! I’d tell you more, but why waste time on that?! If you haven’t read the comics yet, you can purchase the collected volumes in either Trade PaperBack or Hardcover here:

Trade Paperbacks Hardcovers Absolute w/Extras

Now, about that movie?! I haven’t seen it and do not know anyone who has, but I can tell you this much: Amazon has it listed at more than reasonable prices right now. My brother has a Blu-ray player and I don’t, so we went halfsies on the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack! Can’t wait to get it in the mail tomorrow! I might have to go in to work a little later just so I can watch it with my son!

Well what are you waiting for? Why not get your copy now if you haven’t already?

Blu-ray/DVD Combo DVD 2-disk DVD Single

Also, here’s a trailer for your enjoyment:

Still not convinced? Well the Dwayne McDuffie did the writing for the movie version and that guy is one heck of a writer (Static Shock anyone?) not to mention he had one heck of a baseline to go off of anyway… Maybe I’ll have to get my buddy/cousin to get on here some time and talk about how awesome McDuffie is…

oh yeah, and did I mention… Lex Luthor has super powers?!

Megamind on DVD – Can’t wait!!

Megamind - Coming to DVD and Blu-ray February 25th!
Megamind will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 25th! That’s a week from this Friday! When I get some extra money I will be buying this bad boy!

My wife and I watched Megamind at the IMAX in 3D! I know she agrees with me that this is a hilarious movie! If are looking for a movie that is full of fun, loads of laughs, tons of catchy phrases, and a cast of great celebrity voices (i.e. Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and even Ben Stiller), you are going to love this movie!

No seriously, it’s awesome!!!

Get your copy now!