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Just Another Code Monkey

Being a programmer I’ve always been able to relate to Jonathan Coulton’s “Code Monkey” song. Thankfully as the years have passed the treatment I have received from others has steadily improved.

Anyway, I didn’t start this post to write about the experience of being a programmer, I’ll save that for another time. Instead I wanted to mention that I have really been enjoying the “Code Monkey Save World” comics written by Greg Pak and based on songs by Jonathan Coulton.  I backed their Kickstarter project and am glad I did as I’ve really enjoyed everything so far. The comics are great and everything I hoped they would be and better. The CMSW Acoustic Album is excellent as well.

If you aren’t a backer of the project, you can still get the comics via Comixology and you can get Jonathan Coulton’s music via Amazon.

Note that some of his songs have swear words and/or adult content so they are not for everyone, but if you like humor and are not easily offended by life in general then you might want to give them a listen.

That’s all for now.

52 DC Title Breakdown

DC The New 52
DC The New 52

Alright as promised I am finally getting to the relaunch break down. As you might recall from my last post on the DC relaunch it was just announced and not a whole lot was revealed and i was doing more complaining and speculating. Now that all the official #1s have been revealed I can break them down through my view point. I’ve been doing a lot of forum reading, checking everyday, and keeping up to date thanks to twitter. I’ve been gathering as much information so that I can properly gauge and prepare myself for what is about to happen.

For those of you that don’t know, here are all the titles I’m about to break down:

This is a heads up, what I’m about to say is my own personal viewpoint and opinion on these titles that DC is putting out. All linkage and characters I’m discussing are credited to DC Comics, I’m not trying to make a buck off this lol *note I don’t get paid to give you all my opinion!*


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Superman Titles:

Right off that bat I have to discuss the most iconic hero to arguably ever be introduced (Captain America is the other). When you think of ‘hero’ you automatically think Superman, much like when you think of vigilante you think of Batman.

The relaunch has not shown much on Superman other than his new suit (no underwear but now he has a belt! totally in fashion this days i guess…). Like pretty much all the other main characters he’s getting de-aged to reach out to younger generation of fans that know very little about Superman’s story so that they can rehash already told stories being that no one can seemingly write an original Superman story anymore. I wonder if Superman is still American or if they’re keeping his denouncement of it?

While I’ll admit my Superman knowledge is _> Alex (admin of this fine site), I know the essentials of Superman and most of his story. My biggest gripe with the relaunch as far as superman goes? looks like they’re de-marrying Superman/Lois so that this generation can see Lois as the Top reporter and we can see rehashed super-genius capture her and Superman having to save her time and time again, though Morrison/Didio really just want to ship Superman/Wonder Woman (lame). So they’re getting rid of probably the 2nd biggest marriage in comics, behind Susan Storm (Invisible Woman)/Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) of Marvel. Much like BND (brand new day) did for Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson, aka ‘it never happened’. Good times, way to be original DC.


From the looks of it, It’s just about Superman and what he’s doing in this brand new world. Expect a lot from Superman: Earth One aka emo/angsty/Twilight Superman to take shape, because that’s what the new generation wants. A bunch of characters all based off the same essential mind set, dark in some form and tortured mentally.

Then again if anyone actually read a Superman comic they would see just how tortured Clark Kent/Kal-El really is. Step outside your little soap boxes for a second and think like him for a second, he lost his world and everyone that cared about him, was raised by strangers, and now bares the weight of the world on his shoulders as it’s hero having to be a constant example at all times. Yeah, Superman really had it easy. #fansfailing.

This one has George Perez righting, not sure on this move, but I’m sure it’ll be at least worth a look at issue #1.

Action Comics:

Pretty much read the last one, but i think this one is suppose to show more Lois and Jimmy? or at least that’s what I heard. This title is homage to where Superman first appeared in so it only makes sense that they would keep one of the longest running titles in the mix. I think it’s DC’s attempt to not completely alienate older generations, I’m talking about my parents generation that loves Superman not my older brothers generation that is obsessed with Batman (not even the good one).

I will say that DC made a bold move in giving this title to Grant Morrison, He has done really well in the Batman titles over the past few years (though some are critical of his work), Superman is a completely different monster I’m not 100% sold that he can handle this burden.


Well Kon has had many faces over the past few years: 90s child with the jacket, 2000s child with dual daddy issues, death, rebirth, and now what is in store?

From reading the synopsis on DC it sounds like they’re going with the new version of Superboy that’s becoming very popular, Earth-16 aka the Kon from the Young Justice cartoon. He plays this bullheaded tough guy that has a lot of anger issues. The writer makes me want to check this out, but the story they’re giving makes me want to avoid it’s trash.

I am just really curious what they’re going to do about his appearance after ‘the death of Superman’? Sounds like he might not even have been there and considering Blackest Night happened here it makes me also wonder if Final Crisis happened at all? so many questions on this one…


Now I could rattle off the reasons why I fell out of love with the Kara of old, namely poor writing (look at the arc where she tries to cure a kid from cancer, it’s basically about how Supergirl will become a self absorbed Heroine if you read the undertones… but who does that?), but This Kara has sparked a very interesting debate between Alex and I.

My theory is that this is Karen Starr (Kara Zor-L aka Power Girl) de-aged and not Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl). I think that they’re combining the two to allow for a greater story. Now that there is no Power Girl in this world there are a lot of opportunities for things like this to happen, because if this Kara thinks and acts like Karen? Holy crap we could actually be reading something that could compare to the very good selling Power Girl series instead of the ‘is she going evil?’ stuff we all have been forced to read for the past decade-ish.

A de-aged Karen has so much more story potential than Kara had. Michael Green and Mike Johnson have a lot to prove to me in a very short time.


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Batman Titles:

I don’t even know where to start to be honest. I guess i can start off with saying that I respect and even like Batman sometimes, but I’m not obsessed with him. I do however hate his fan-base, they are an irrational bunch that lost the ability to put together a solid argument for anything. ‘he has a plan’ if I had a nickle for every time I heard that in a Batman vs *insert person here* debt, I’d be a trillionaire.

Anyways, the Batman titles for the most part look to be almost untouched, well at least Bruce Wayne lol! Batman Inc will return eventually once the relaunch is settled. Death and Return of Batman are all still canon. Damian still exists and is his Robin now (score!). All in all you are getting what DC always does, a forced feeding of Bat-Titles. Not that I’m surprised at all…

I miss the detective side of Batman, now he’s all world’s best everything. Very little human left and a whole bunch of peek human in everything. Takes the fun out of reading Batman for me.


All i really have to say is that Scott Snyder is a good writer, It’ll be interesting to see what he does with the reigns in his hand.

Detective Comics:

Well all you bat-nerds out there this will be the first time ever that Batman appears in Issue #1 of Detective Comics, for those of you that don’t know he appeared in Issue #27 of the original series. Tony S Daniel is not only writing this, he’s also drawling this also. Should be intriguing to see how the flagship Batman title is handled.


Black Batman basically, DC’s attempt to have a Black Panther/Ironman combo pack. This is the one title that shows that Batman Inc is still alive and kicking in DC’s relaunch canon. Judd Winick is writing it, doesn’t draw me in at all.


The Dark Knight: batman faces the legal ramifications of Batman Inc apparently in this title, David Finch is writing it so Batman fans be sure to check this one out.

Batman and Robin:

This is probably the only Batman title I’m even interested in at all. Bruce Wayne is finally teamed up with his son Damian (eat your heart out fans that were hoping he’s not Bruce’s real son). Damian has went through so much character development over the past two years its almost unreal, but he’s still that completely annoying always getting out of trouble arrogant son of the bat.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how Damian fairs as Bruce’s more strict version of teaming up compared to Dick’s more lack/care free team work. Peter J Tomasi is writing this and he’s even bringing in a character called ‘NoBody’ to start.


Only thing i like about this comic is Gail Simone, everything else? I cannot stand. Barbara Gordon can walk again? Well there goes DC’s handicap hero. Also they lose probably there most important cyber character in Oracle now that she’s demoted herself back to Batgirl.

Sure I guess I could get on the bandwagon of ‘she taught herself to walk again and that gives those out there hope!’ While I don’t disagree with this logic, I also know that there a lot of handicap people out there that will never be able to walk again no matter how hard they work at it.

But that’s not even my biggest gripe with this comic, Stephanie brown is no longer Batgirl. Most wanted Cassandra Cain, but her Mary-Su Rearend is going by Black Bat or something like that now fighting in Hong Kong I believe. But Steph? So much character development from Spoiler to death, back to life and as spoiler, told to stop being Batgirl by Tim, and then she took up Batgirl under the training of Oracle. It was a dynamic that was simply amazing to read.

Some readers did not like the ditzier version that Steph portrayed to be in the series? but her character has always been some what of a goofball, but she made strides and resembled Barbara’s Batgirl days (I think that’s why DC did that in the first place, to see if Barbara’s version of Batgirl still sold…tragic). So… yeah.

Oh and I heard a rumor that Barbara Gordon and Black Canary may be an item in the Relaunch? I’ll address this when i get to BoP.


This title has a lot of potential. While I’m not the biggest fan of Bat-titles, I think this is a very smart and well deserved push in the right direction. Why? because Kate Kane is a lesbian, no sugarcoating the reasoning other than that. Comics have a huge gay/lesbian following so it’s about time they gave the characters they have with those lifestyles the chance to shine.

I am interested in how Bette Kane aka Flamebird is going to appear in this relaunch history? She’s the same congress woman that teams up with Jason Rausch to be Firestorm all the time. But now that Jason has Raymond to form with to be Firestorm things with Flamebird could find a new story. JH Williams III and W. Haden Blackman are teaming up to write this so there is some heavy hitters writing this title.


I’m just so… annoyed with this. I was a big fan of Dick finally becoming Batman. It was such a great move and could have shifted the balance in DC for years to come. Dick could have been the JLA Batman and teamed up with Damian all the time, while Bruce could of been Gotham’s Batman, but that seems to not be the direction fans/writers/DC want it to go…

So once again I’m disinterested in Nightwing. Sad, because I don’t mind Kyle Higgins writing. They are keeping his time as Batman canon I guess? good for him, another mantle step up and step back down, because DC doesn’t have enough of those under Johns.


Another bat-title written by Judd Winick. Not that big on Catwoman, I’ve always been more of a Talia Fan to be honest. Sounds like it has all the makes to be a decent read though?

Birds of Prey:

I really wanted to read more on Black Canary because she was one of my favorites, but from the sounds of it? They’re overhauling the character, removing her from Green Arrow and making her interested in Batgirl? Who knows what’s going on here really.

Black Canary is teaming up with Starling, Poison Ivy, and what looks to be Katana (from the Outsiders). So really the only BoP left is BC. I wonder if Huntress will be integrated in or if they have other plans for her? I know Huntress is getting a mini-series during the #2s (October) so we’ll see if that’s connected. Duane Swierczynski is in yet another BoP reboot lol!

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Scott Lobdell has just inherited a bunch of misfits and by that i mean former Titans with nowhere to go and a lot of History baggage. The former Green Arrow sidekick now once again Arsenal has his arm back along with all of his angst/outcastedness. Starfire is still a sexually comfortable princess from another world that just wants someone to love her, and Red Hood the gun wielding black sheep of the bat-family. I honestly don’t see this being a very good read. Look for Raven and Beast Boy to eventually join this batch of DC rejects.


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Green Lantern Titles:

Probably the hottest Titles in the past 2-3 years thanks to Geoff Johns, the GL comics have been nothing but awesome since Sinestro Corps War during Countdown. We’ve seen War of Light, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and Green Lantern War in recent months. The introduction of the other Colors, entities, and finally bringing the prophecy of Blackest Night to life has given this branch of DC a much needed lift. Not to mention the new GL movie only helped bring in new fans.

Green Lantern

From the sounds of it Green Lantern #67 sets the tone for the relaunch. And judging from Issue #2’s cover Sinestro is back as a Green Lantern I can only wonder what the heck is going on? I figure Hal will be making regular appearances in this title when he’s not strutting his stuff in the JLA. Johns’ keeps his hands firmly planted in GL stories by writing this comic.

Green Lantern Corps

This comic has been one of the best to read when it comes to expanding the Green Lantern/DC universe beyond Earth. This comic has been teaming up 2 of earth’s GLs at a time for awhile now and it only gets better. My personal favorite 2 GL’s Guy Gardner and John Stewart headline this comic along with a GL strike force of the top GLs to battle outerspace’s biggest threats. Peter J Thomas will get the reigns on this exceptional team.

Green Lantern: New Guardians

Probably the only Green Lantern Title with a lot of questions still unanswered. Each color (except for Black and White Lanterns) will be represented in the New Guardians of the Universe; Green (Kyle Rayner), Violet (Looks like Fatality), Indigo (Munk), Yellow (Akillo), Orange (I think it’s Glomulus), Red (Bleez), and Blue (Saint Walker). It’ll be interesting to see what Tony Bedard will be doing with this run.

Red Lanterns

This title will be featuring probably the coolest thing to come out of War of Light, the blood thrust rage-a-holic Red Lanterns. Peter Milligan has the chance to write what Atrocitus and his corps will be doing in this brand new universe.

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Justice League Titles:

These titles will set the tone for the relaunch and tell us if it is going to last, because while other branches may have big fan bases the world of the relaunch is centered around the new Justice League roster. If Johns and Lee do this right these titles will be the best that the relaunch puts out.

Justice League

Note that they took out ‘Of America’ so I wonder if they’re going to make this be more World based team than before? that could make things interesting Considering Superman denouncing himself as an American (not sure if that’s staying canon, but i assume it will be). Geoff Johns writing, Jim Lee and Scott Williams doing the art this comic is the flagship of the relaunch and ultimately will decide what this relaunch will do in my opinion. Because if this title is not the highest selling (that means it has to sell more than any of the Batman titles too) comic of the relaunch then that does not bode well for DC.

The best of the ‘best’ are doing this book, it better at least compete with how great Vol 4 was. I have high expectations for this new roster of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman, Cyborg, Hawkman, Firestorm, Elemental Girl, Deadman, Atom (not sure if it’s Palmer or Choi), Green Arrow, Mera, and a female that no one seems to know the name of yet.

Justice League International

This comic will be written by Dan Jurgens, he has the most diverse roster in the relaunch thanks to this title; Batman (American), Booster Gold (from the future, American), Green Lantern (Guy Gardner, also American), August General in Iron (Chinese), Fire (Brazilian), Ice (Norwegian), Vixen (African), and Rocket Red (Russian).

There was also a Donna troy look alike (that was allegedly going to be named Greece) in the original cover. The dynamic of all these characters put into one comic will be simply hilarious to watch unfold. Look for the likes of Captain Atom and potentially Blue Beetle to join the ranks of this roster. Maybe even a Judomaster like character.


Geoff Johns has his work cut out for him here. Since Blackest Night and his return into Brightest Day Aquaman has been given a new chance at life. Now… the question is after the awesomeness that was Aquaman in Flashpoint, how will this follow up?

Johns has to do something that no Aquaman writer has been able to do in my lifetime; keep Aquaman relevant and interesting for more than a year without making him die, lose another hand, sink Atlantis, or kill all of his family again (not sure if Aquagirl/new Aqualad will stay in the relaunch but I do know Mera survived). What of Tempest? Johns has been revamping and making characters other than the Trinity relevant again (see Green Lantern, Flash, Atom for examples).

Wonder Woman

Brian Azzarello has in my opinion the toughest, yet at the same time easiest, job in the world; get Wonder Woman’s canon under control again with the new costume. JMS was given a simple task, give wonder woman a story for her new look, what we got was a vigilante woman (basically Black Canary/Batman storyline) that had no real connection to the rich history that was Diana Prince. Now we get yet another WW ‘reboot’ in such a short amount of time, but from reading the synposis it looks like Brian is on the right track.

Reintroducing WW with her loyalties split between humans and the Greek Gods, this could be some really good reading if done right. Oh and yes WW leads DC’s new campaign ‘all girls where tights/pants now’ (harley quinn & Starfire did not get this memo).

And with the rumors of WW being shipped with Superman once again I am left wondering why not make her bi/Lesbian? that would be the boldest move ever not to mention it would be more In Character than Black Canary or Batgirl flipping sides. It would also make a ton more sense in the reboot, but we’ll see.

The Flash

*sigh* It’s Barry Allen, which means I could care less about this comic. To Be 100% honest with the rest of you I was excited about Barry’s return in ‘Flash: Rebirth’ that Johns did, but I quickly had a realization that I had no idea what DC was going to do with Wally West.

Knowing that Johns’ has a huge Silver Age hard on I knew that Wally was probably destined to be like Ryan Choi (to be killed off randomly to kick start some crappy title), but instead we got nothing at all. Wally has been MIA since Blackest Night basically. They could have easily thrown him on the Justice League, but nope that was given to Barry as well.

And they are not de-aging Wally, because Bart is kid Flash. That leaves 3 likely scenarios; Wally doesn’t exist now, Wally is dead again, or Wally is going to be a new villain. All of those suck. And Barry Allen’s return means that all the character development for my generations Flash went out the window. Wally was the first sidekick to take up his mentor’s mantle and succeed/do even better than his mentor. He was the most connected to the Speed Force out of any Flash, now they’re having Barry play catch up while texting his wife on the side. Francis Manapul is writing this book.

Captain Atom

JT Krul is writing this and I can only imagine that it won’t be all that good. I could think of quite a few other heroes I’d like to see get this spotlight, but oh well. Captain Atom’s story will probably only last a year and he’ll either be on the JL or the JLI. More than likely the JLI because of his history.

The Fury of Firestorm

This is probably going to be one of the must read comics of the relaunch. Because finally we get to see what Firestorm would be like from the start if Raymond and Jason merged instead of all the craziness that spawns from Brightest Day, not to mention Gail Simone is writing this book.

Raymond was a good Firestorm, but he died. This launched the new Firestorm comic with Jason which I liked a lot more (it’s not just because he is from Detroit MI or that he is African American lol). Now with the relaunch and Gail Simone/Ethan Van Schiver writing this, the Firestorm mythos can reach an all new level of epic-ness.

I cannot wait to see what the new story is for these two!

Green Arrow:

JT Krul keeps the reigns of Green Arrow with his new look, i wonder if they’re going to keep that giant star forest in star city? I think they should *nod* Though it does look like they are going to combine comic book green arrow with the high-tech version in the Smallville TV series, which could make for some interesting changes to the character.

Krul gets one issue to impress me.

The Savage Hawkman:

Tony S. Daniel picks up the reigns of a very interesting JSA character that has been getting a push since his appearance in McDuffie’s Starbreaker arc (from there Hawkman died in Blackest Night, revived and went through Brightest Day). So what new stories/adventures does this relaunch spell for the cursed winged archaeologist?

Mister Terrific:

DC did one thing right, they made sure they put their most notable African American in his very own title. Though I’m not too sure what is up with the change in costume, he’s still the world’s 3rd smartest man (presumably behind Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor). He is being moved to Los Angeles which is awesome and the title will be written by Eric Wallace, the stories ahead should draw in some new comic readers.

DC Universe Presents:

This looks to be the new version of ‘the Brave and the Bold’, where they spotlight different characters in each issue. Deadman is first up and is being written by Paul Jenkins. So I’m interested to see exactly what characters they’re willing to spotlight.

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The Dark Titles:

Most of these are going to be skipped over by me to be honest, a lot of these just are not my taste in comics.

Justice League Dark:

Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna and John Constantine form the team that has to take down the mystical forces that Enchantress has released on the world that the main JLA cannot stop. The team basically is the new Shadowpact and should be a very good read. Peter Milligan is in charge of these dark Leaguers.

Swamp Thing:

Scott Snyder gets the reigns of the ‘Big revival’ at the end of Brightest Day. What he does with this character is anyone’s guess, I just hope he does this long time character some justice.

Animal Man:

Jeff Lemire gets to write probably one of DC’s more intriguing oddballs in Buddy Baker. Not to mention the story looks to be an interesting one to start out.

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.:

Jeff Lemire is writing this one too… If they wanted to do a team of random people they should of brought in Xombi or replaced this book with the Outsiders.

I, Vampire:

This title is a waste of space. I don’t even care who’s writing this. They should replace this title with Captain Marvel or a Constantine Solo in DC (though Vertigo is still running Hellblazer, Batman has 6 titles Constantine can afford to be in 3) or hell a Kent V Nelson Dr Fate title, because that Dr Fate was a mess as a person but a great read.

Resurrection Man:

Another person I don’t get why they’re getting a solo run when DC has so many other characters they could replace here. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning get to creatively kill this character each issue to give him a new power… yay?

Demon Knights:

Paul Cornell gets to do mid-evil storytelling with Etrigan, this could possibly save/justify Etrigan getting his own title (I assume he’ll eventually join the JLD which would be beyond awesome).

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The Edge Titles:

This is the one area of the relaunch I will be avoiding like the plague and get my vote as the most useless batch of comics; though Stormwatch, Deathstroke, and the Suicide Squad look to be good, the reason are just so awful/could be replaced by better characters.


Wildstorm flagship title with the addition of the Martian Manhunter. This team is a a dangerous super human police force whose existence is kept secret from the world. Apollo you learn is project Superman in Flashpoint, cool right? He and Midnighter are both gay which means more push for the gay/lesbian community. Other than that the addition of J’onn shows that this title will have deep connections to the world/universe grand scheme. Smart move DC.

Paul Cornell has a lot to work with in this title.


Another Wildstorm character push, no surprise that all Lee’s Wildstorm characters are getting a push and McDuffie’s Milestone Character’s only get one representative over all? Oh well another skip. Ron Marz writing.


Nathan Edmondson is writing this wannabe Deadpool/Gambit hybrid. Another Wildstorm character. So disinterested in this title, if i wanted to read another Deadpool/Punisher rip off I’d read Red Hood and the Outlaws.


Kyle Higgins gets his hands on probably one of the greatest villains/anti-heroes/whatever he is going by these days in Slade. This character has a tone to work with and not to mention a crap ton of stories to tell. This is a long over due title run.

This is to make up for the horrible Titans comic he was apart of.

Suicide Squad:

Adam Glass writing this one. Not too sure what to make of this comic. Deadshot, King Shark, and Harley Quinn all get new looks. Harley Quinn’s is getting the most buzz because she’s not following DC’s new ‘no leg skin showing’/too provocative clothing guidelines. Whatever the case may be now, her story is probably going to be what draws readers to this comic.

She has a big online following so I can only image what they’re going to do with this Joker obsessed clown girl.


‘Kevin Kho has become an unwilling participant in a war between Checkmate and Brother Eye as he is transformed into the One Machine Army Corp known only as O.M.A.C.!’

Well that sums up what Dan Didio and Keith Giffen are going to be wasting our time with now instead of bringing back Checkmate with a new roster or the JSA. Keep failing Didio, it makes me feel better about myself.


Mike Costa is writing this new version of DC’s pilots of yesteryear that Lady Blackhawk was apart of, Linda is probably going to be the only character any of us recognize in this series. Another waste on the relaunch page.

Men of War:

Ivan Brandon writing this new story that’s basically trying to appeal to the new generations obsession with FPS’s. I’m sure they’re draw in a few fans, but they could of easily done this with another character in DC. Name anyone really, DC has a ridiculous amount of characters to pick from not to mention they have Milestone and Wildstorm to take from also.

All-Star Western:

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are writing the retconned tale of Jonah Hex now in Gotham City. Rumors are we’ll get to see all the gun-slinging DC characters from back in the day, this should be one of those titles that you read when you have a spare few bucks to read. Nothing to dedicate to though.

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Young Justice Titles:

This branch here is the one that caught my eyes the most, because it has my Favorite Comic Book Character in Static here and my favorite DC team in the Teen Titans.

Teen Titans:

Let me take a moment to laugh at all the Teen Titan fans out there complaining about the relaunch more than Batman fans did about Batman’s death in Final Crisis. Why? Because you all are just so irrational. I have to take this moment because I’ve had to endure countless idiotic comments one after another about the past 3 years worth of Teen Titan comics. Most notably Krul and Henderson’s runs.

While Krul’s run wasn’t anything too great or bad, Henderson’s run caught a lot of heat and quick. She used themes and character traits to separate her interpretations of the Titans to give them more human-like characteristics. The biggest hate on Henderson other than her ‘one liners’ or the deaths of Red Devil/Eternity (I didn’t like either of those characters anyways lol) was her portrayal of Wonder Girl, why? Because Wonder Girl was written to be something more than just Kon’s girlfriend — I know Heaven forbid!

Cassie had to weigh all the issues of Kon’s death/return, leading the Teen Titans because Tim had more Batman-ish things to do, and being attached to the Wonder Woman mythos, among what others thought of her. So when Kon was revived I thought Henderson did a good job of showing how tough being a leader was, having to balance love-life and lead the team without them thinking she only had it because she was dating Superman’s sidekick. Some powerful messages, but who thinks of those things? Nope, Cassie’s just being a ‘moody bitch’. Funny how narrow minded people can be.

Then again I have to sit back and realize most people that read TTs are 10-20, so more adult/mature themes are lost on them. Believe it or not 14 year-olds you’re not as mature as you think you are nor do you have all life’s answers. I’m a quarter century old, have a ton of knowledge in random things but i don’t even have all the answers to life’s greatest questions.

Anyways back on topic here the Teen titan’s probably have gotten the most heat in this relaunch because DC has decided to seemingly remove the ‘Young Justice’ history and give the TTs roster an overhaul/fresh start. I didn’t like Young Justice anyways, so that doesn’t bother me as much as it does a whole bunch of others that grew up during the 90s.

Kon’s a tough guy, Bart is his classic self, Cassie is a former thief? probably to make up for a lack of a Ravager, Tim’s Red Robin suit is cool (he can glide now, no longer having to be carried around by the others lol), and 3 other no named charries I don’t recognize yet (a girl that looks like Sunspot from Marvel, a spider looking girl, and a guy/girl not sure which that has the Elongated family attire?). Rumors are that this series will have Milestone and Wildstorm character appearing in them.

Also Scott Lobdell is writing this (along with Superboy), he has clarified that they will run along with one another but won’t cross over one another (at least immediately). You can read both and see their connections, but you can read one without HAVING to read the other.

Hawk and Dove:

Sterling Gates gets the nod here. Not too sure if I like the writer or not, but apparently Dove and Deadman are an item now, Hank Hall hates everything (surprise). This title is another one I’m not too sure on, I think they could of easily left them in the BoP or threw them into a team like the Outlaws or Outsiders or even the JLD. But alas they get a solo lol

Blue Beetle:

Tony Bedard not only is writing GL stuff he also is writing Blue Beetle, probably one of the best new era remakes on an old mantle. The newest Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes solo series that went 36 issues was one of the best reads in recent memory. It will be interesting to see what direction they take Jaime and if they’re going to eventually have me teaming up with the TTs or the JLI, I’m sure we’ll see him in both but one cannot help but wonder where DC will push him. I will say this, Thank you DC for not bringing back another Silver Age character in Ted Kord. Amazing they are leaving some people dead lol

Legion of Superheroes & Legion Lost:

these two I’m lumping together because they equally disinterest me. Though I’ve been reading Legion of Superheroes lately it has only been because of the resurgence of Green Lanterns in their universe, other than that I’ve been losing interest in it’s overall story. a lot of good characters with a lot of stories to tell. I think the relaunch will allow them to reintroduce themselves to the next generation of fans.

Static Shock:

And the Best for last! Scott McDaniel and John Rozum (currently writing Xombi) are doing a lot right off the bat with my favorite comic book character and McDuffie’s legacy. Static’s moving to New York City from Dakota City (at least they’re keeping the city around lol) after a tragedy befalls the Hawkins family (I’m assuming it’s linked to Static Shock Special where his uncle dies). Here he dons a new look, establishes a new headquarters, starts at a new high school, and also an internship at S.T.A.R. labs. can you say holy cow!?

I am excited to see how Milestone Characters will integrate themselves into DC’s relaunch, what ones will follow Static to NYC and what new friends will the electric hero make? How long before the TTs come calling? I’m just really excited about this.


Concluding Thoughts:

There you have it, my personal break down of what DC’s doing with the 52 new titles. There apparently are going to be mini-series launched when the #2’s come out (The Shade, Penguin; Pride and Prejudice, and Huntress are already announced). Not to mention DC has already stated some titles will just pick back up where they left off (Batman Inc, Xombi, Batman Beyond, Superman Beyond, etc).

With all that you can tell I’m all over the board emotionally on this relaunch which is what DC was going for. Because not everyone is going to like everything coming out or being changed, but if they can appeal to the mass majority, snag a few new old fans back in with the restart along with some brand new fans while also poking at a few big fan-bases like vampires or gays/lesbians that will give them even more sales. At the end of the day that’s all that matters to them. Which is what keeps them in business. So I can respect why they are doing this. I’d say about half the titles will make it (26-32 titles) past a year.


Finally… My Pull List:

And last, but not least, here is going to be my personal pull list after I get all the #1’s (so this will be my pull list from #2 on) in the order of the most excited I am to read to just excited to read:

  1. Static Shock
  2. Teen Titans
  3. The Fury of Firestorm
  4. Justice League
  5. Blue Beetle
  6. Green Lantern
  7. Green Lantern Corps
  8. Justice League International
  9. Justice League Dark

DC Relaunch

DC Comics Logo
DC Comics Logo

After a long absence from here I have returned, so for those that cared sorry. I have been through a lot of personal stuff lately that has effected my time. Now I’m back and ready to tackle a few things. Most notably DC comic’s announcement that they are going to be relaunching this summer.


will fill a few of you in. But before I get into that i want to address something i was very annoyed with, I’ve been ranting on my twitter for weeks now. The Static Shock series was cancelled after Dwayne McDuffie’s death. While at first (and still somewhat) pissed about it’s cancellation, the news of DC’s relaunch on canon (most canon anyways) this makes so much more sense. I’m assuming Static will be put back on the TT’s team. If not then I’m not too sure I’ll be giving DC that much more of a fair shake. At least I’m still getting a Static special that’s dedicated to McDuffie due out today.

Now onto the real issues here. DC has decided through the efforts of Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, and Dan Didio that they’re going to relaunch DC canon after Flashpoint. Pretty much anything that was touched by Johns in the past 4 years (aka Superman, Green Lanterns, Flash) will all remain the same, but other titles, characters, relationships, and histories will get overhauls. Some will get tweaks, some things will get deleted from canon, and others well i just don’t know lol

For sure the new Wonder Woman costume (yet another new one) is happening. It looks like they’re going to give her back her normal history instead of the vigilante/batman history in her recent retcon that received horrid reviews. The one consistent has been that the costume needed a 2000 update, while others translated alright or only needed a little tweaking. While Wonder Woman’s lets just face it, no woman is going to go around fighting in that and not fall out. It’s unrealistic. besides the fact that Diana Prince is suppose to embody of a strong woman aka brains, beauty, and sexuality. A costume says a lot.

There will be 52 new #1’s. JLA will be the first. Also Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, Justice Society, Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern are all the confirmed so far that i can list off hand that will get new #1’s. that leaves a lot of others, so we’ll see what the first month brings as far as #1s. I plan on getting all the 52 #1s so that i can properly judge the new origin reboots and switches correctly before determining whether or not I’ll stick with DC comics (of course Teen titans, Green Lantern, and anything with Static in it I’ll still buy).

I was really just sick of yet another reboot event by DC, marvel has been beating them in sales since 2002 so they had to do something. This will probably have a short term boost in sales, but depending on what gets deleted/fixed in canon we’ll see. Cry for Justice was probably the second waste of time i ever read in comics (countdown being the first). Though i defend CfJ a lot on a purely situational level (I can rationalize if anyone wants to argue events/realism on it). So i expect CfJ to get deleted, while events like Blackest Night will stay in tact. Though an interesting turn of events we’ll see Morrison writing Superman instead of batman. Johns will have control over the Justice League which makes a lot of sense and for the first time in forever Gail Simones won’t be writing Birds of Prey.

Sitting here I want to be mad and admit that I’ll be dropping a bunch of DC titles, but i seriously don’t even know what titles will be turned into #1s or what series will be continued. Will the long titles like Action Comics or Detective Comics be reset? I’d be disappointed if so. At the same time I’m hoping to see a few characters get their much deserved solo shots.

So right now I’m indifferent, I am a skeptic about a lot of what DC is doing, but i understand the why behind it. This can be a real turning point and what DC has needed for some time. But at the same time I am hopeful that characters will finally get a history that won’t be reset in a decade (or less… lol).

DC’s track record is retcon event, retcon event, event, event, retcon event, etc. But if anyone can manage a company wide overhaul it’s Johns, and Lee, i just wish McDuffie was still alive so he could be involved in this.

so expect a follow up toward the fall on this.

DC Comic Relaunch (Including new uniforms)
DC Comic Relaunch (Including new uniforms)


Dwayne McDuffie's Static

Dear Antidote Nation,


I wanted my first post that was about something to cement my stand point and individualize my views from others in a way for you all to get to know me better. And after recent events I knew I had to do something to do with Dwayne McDuffie (RIP). because of his unfortunate early passing (which if you see Alex’s post that linked to my FB you can read more on my feelings on McDuffie), but also because he wrote a series that I speak/feel so strongly on. Milestone’s one and only Static. Now many that really know me know that Static is my #1 comic book character I love above all others. but to explain this I have to take you back a few years (a decade almost actually lmfao wow.. where has the time went?).


It was September in the year 2000. At this point in my life i wasn’t into comic books yet, but man did i love superheroes cartoons and movies. I did not get cable until i was 14-ish (year 1998-99 ish)  at which point i started to watch a ridiculous amount of TV. How ridiculous you ask? name a channel and a show, I’ve probably seen at least 1-3 episodes of it, if not all of it. At that time Cartoon Network was basically what Boomerang is now, full of all kinds of TV cartoons from way back (most notably at the time Beast Wars, Voltron, and Thundercats were my main watches on Toonami). One of the late night cartoons was ‘Super Friends‘, most of you reading this will probably be too young to know what this was, but it was the Justice League roster that ran from 1973-1986. This was the first cartoon besides BTAS and SMTAS (Spider-Man the animated series) that got me hooked on comic book characters. If you’ve read the current JLA vol 4 run you’ll see a lot of homage being paid to this show (Hall of Justice in Washington DC looks just like the one in SF), but that’s another story for another time. At this time WB had BTAS and STAS going, not to mention the JLA (and eventually JLU), Batman Beyond, and TT cartoons all on Saturday Mornings (not all during the same time though). During all that chaos of awesomeness a brand new and intriguing cartoon came out; Static Shock.


For me this was so… just new and interesting. Other than the stereotypes of African Americans i saw on television did not ever see many in my day to day life. At the time I lived in this little town in Michigan with one stop light, if you sneezed you missed the place. The town is about 700 strong in population (lol..), predominately Caucasian and Christian. I knew 2 African American families growing up and I was never friends with them. So I never really got to know how they lived life or how they saw things. This cartoon provided me a link to a whole new world (besides comic books). Just the little things that McDuffie did to make the story he was telling appealing while informing the world that stereotypes were meant to be broken. So now I was learning about other cultures/people that I had never thought of before, because i simply was not exposed to those things at that time. Let’s not mention that Lightning/electricity is my favorite superpower and since Static does more than throw lightning bolts around like Black Lightning did in the Super Friends it made me like him even more.


The more I watched of Static Shock the more I just fell in love with the character. Never before had i been so absorbed into a cartoon or a character. I had favorites in each Cartoon I watched? Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Black Vulcan/Lightning (Jeffery Peirce) in Super Friends, Batman (Terry McGinnis) in Batman Beyond, Flash (wally west) in JLA, Robin/Nightwing (Dick Grayson) in BTAS, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) in STAS, and Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and the Question (Vic Sage/Charlie Szasz) in JLU. I liked both John Stewart GL and Black Lightning (I literally thought at the time they were the only Black Superheroes in DC). While John/BL were cool they were a little too straight laced/trying too hard not to say or do anything to get the NAACP to get on them over stereotypes in my opinion. But Static was different, I had a connection to him. He was a teenager known as Virgil Hawkins (at the time the series was going on I was too) going through all kinds of different/difficult issues in life; hated by others for no reason, girls, acne, trying to fit in, and throw super powers on top of that? But some how Static/Virgil Hawkins made it work for both versions of him. Through humor and a solid head on his shoulders Static was able to learn through his errors making him a better hero along the way, and a better person.  Maybe one could sit back and say ‘if he can do all this? why can’t i do a third of that?’ Of course as I got older I realized that in comics everything is possible, in Real Life? there are limitations to what one can achieve, not that I’ve stopped trying to break those limitations I’ve just realize the difference between fiction and nonfiction now. The only real life superheroes are Policemen/women, Firemen/women, soldiers that protect our Freedoms/way of life, and parents that take their role seriously (whether they are with someone or flying solo). Those, are real superheroes.


So after 4 seasons of Static Shock, which included 52 episodes and a few crossovers into JLA/JLU, the series ended. I was left without this amazing story I grew so attached too. The community i was so attached to was dismantling (JLU, Static Shock, BTAS, STAS, and BB). The only one left was Teen Titans, which sorry to those that liked that version it  didn’t connect to the others and was just annoying for that very reason to me. Static Shock was more TTs than that show was. but thats another rant for another day. Eventually i was left with no more of these awesome stories so I decided to go to my LCS (local comic store) Sweet Lou’s that i had been buying football cards and Raw Deal cards (WWF/WWE card game) from to ask about comic books. To my dismay I found out that Static was not an ongoing comic book in stores. The worse news? he was not even in DC’s mainstream at all. So that day i instead bought TT’s current run up to where it was at that time (issues 1-29 i believe) and the New X-Men Academy series that had come out. Notice the theme? I was a teen and i wanted to read Teen related stores, i related to them better at the time.


After that I went home and did some heavy research, come to find out?  The writer/producer of Static Shock’s name was Dwayne McDuffie. The same man that created the character Static way back in 1993 in a small off shoot company of DC comics called Milestone. Milestone was set on a different universe (see Worlds Collide for the one crossover event) centered around Dakota City, the main premise? It was African American centered. So amazed by this I did even more research to find out that Milestone lasted until 1997 and had a great run with just about all it’s series but eventually just stopped publishing comics. So Static and all these other Characters (Icon, Hardware, Rocket, Holocaust, etc) were benched until he was given the chance to do this Static Shock Cartoon. then he did a 4-shot mini called Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool where it picks up some time later and Virgil picks back up being a hero again.  The Cartoon proved one thing to me, that he could/would fit into DC canon. But why hadn’t he yet?  Upon my research I learned that Dwayne McDuffie had the rights to Static/milestone and DC had not brought Static in yet because the “timing wasn’t right” for 10+ years it wasn’t right timing? seems to me someone could of worked a way in between all these bat-clan revivals to bring in Milestone characters. But i had to wait.  So I went into my LCS and bought what he had; Static issue #1 (2 issues bought them both, one was still in it’s original seal case unopened) and the 2001 mini Rebirth of Cool. I then spent the next several years through Ebay collecting the complete 45 issue series (which in December of 2010 I finally completed by getting the ever elusive issue #45).  Along the way I picked up all kinds of comics from Marvel and DC, found myself way more into Marvel than DC, but I had a deep connection to the Teen titans series always saying ‘man this team (at the time was Superboy, Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Speedy, and Starfire) is awesome, but Static would make this team 100x better’ and it would of, because? there is little African American presence in DC comics. Unlike Marvel that has a swamp load of strong/elite Black heroes (Black Panther, Storm, Blade, Luke Cage to name a few). And before anyone writes in telling me what’s up, there are a lot of strong leveled African American characters in DC but compared to Marvel they pale in relevancy. Steel barely is in comics, Vixen is hit and miss on writers, John Stewart is all over the place but is under Hal/Guy (and probably Kyle) in importance, Black Lightning has made a comeback via outsiders. The only one I can honestly say before Static that has any major DC acknowledgment is Mr Terrific.


With most of the original Static series on hand i began to read. I found out all kinds of thing about the character of Static/Virgil Hawkins i did not before. And would of never had i not persisted in learning more. there were some major differences between the show and the comic. The comic itself is hands down the best series I’ve ever read and I’ve read a massive amount of comics (which includes the 2500 i own, plus what I’ve read off scans from friends). The X-Men are constantly making amazing stories, TTs has been solid over it’s whole run, New Avengers,  JLA vol 4 up till McDuffie’s firing (end of blackest night, basically when JLA became Titans + Cry for Justice comics having a baby), and Blue Beetle’s (Jaime Reyes) 36 (i think) issue run are the others I’d closely compare to it. Static’s series covered so many issues besides just teenage problems or superhero problems, it was not afraid to tackle some of the more major issues like gay rights, racism, sex, etc. Each one had it’s own story and impact on Static’s character. Fun fact, did you know if the final season would of aired like it was suppose to Richie would of announced he was gay. McDuffie went on record saying that ‘Richie was always gay in his mind, but they not given the go ahead early on’.  I thought that would of been a very interesting/bold move. Richie himself is actually based off 2 other characters one is Rick Stone from the Static series, who is one of Virgil’s closest friends from school that is gay. the other is Gear from LoSH. I wonder if they’re going to introduce Richie into DC canon or if they’re going to stick with Rick Stone? we’ll find out. You have characters like Holocaust who are mobster/thugs that claim his turf on Paris Island, you have Hotstreak who is a member of the Son’s of Odin (the KKK), and you have characters like Commando X that is a black supremacist that considers himself a human rights activist. Add trying to keep a job, his overbearing sister, his worrying parents, his inability to keep a girl friend, his best friend Frieda (who is just… all kinds of a mess at times and at others she’s the strongest friend/support character you can think of) that adds to his troubles. The series also touched on drug abuse and gangs. So this series literally had a little bit of everything and made it all come together in a readable, realistic, and informative way.


Time-line wise we’re in the year 2008 now I’ve gotten a solid collection of comics at this point, I’m on a few different DC based comic sites, have my own marvel one at the time, and I was working. I get the news that Static is being brought into DC canon officially in 2009! bam and there it was finally. My favorite character and the reason I got into comics was being brought into mainstream comics. They wasted no time in getting him integrated into the mix of Teens, starting off in issue #3 of Terror Titans (most claim #4 is his official debut, but he technically first appeared in #3 on the very last page). He finished out that mini to join the new Wonder Girl lead TTs (which consisted of Static, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Bombshell, Aquagirl, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Raven, later Superboy and Kid Flash joined up once being revived in Final Crisis). at the end of Felicia Henderson’s (writer of Fresh Prince of Bel Air) she set up the stage for the Static ongoing that will debut in May of 2011. Though many claim Henderson’s run was the ‘worst ever’ I will write on how the series changed and prove later why it was probably the most realistic version of the characters I’ve seen yet. but again that’s for another day lol McDuffie also did this 2 issue story called ‘Milestone Forever’ in which he basically told the ‘ending stories’ to Dakotaverse/milestone comics if they were to go all the way to the end. But in order to save all of the people there Dharma (From Shadow Cabinet) absorbed the Rift (an all powerful entity) in order to search the universe to combine their universe with New Earth’s (thanks to Darkseid and the anti-life equation in Final Crisis). For all those that like closure to stories I think this was a really unique finish to the direction they had in Milestone. Now in DC mainstream there is new adventures for all the characters.


I look forward to seeing this new ongoing and whether or not they are going to use Static’s ongoing to launch more of the Milestone Characters into DC canon (Icon, Hardware, and Shadow Cabinet appeared in World’s Collide in JLA vol 4 under McDuffie and now Xombi is getting his own ongoing out soon). I really hope that Henderson does 2 things in this first issue; nails the depiction of the Milestone characters McDuffie created and dedicate this first issue in the living memory of Dwayne McDuffie. Do that and I think great things are ahead for this series.



All Star Superman Movie – Can’t Wait!

All Star Superman Moive
All Star Superman Movie
It wasn’t too long ago.. I remember reading through the All Star Superman comic book series written by Grant Morrison and thinking: “This has to be the best Superman story ever!” and now the DVD will be officially released in a matter of minutes! To say that I’m excited is a bit of an understatement!

Grant Morrison’s “All Star Superman” comics brought out all the best features and qualities of Superman over the decades and wrapped them all into one awesome package! Throw in a classic Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson, a Lex Luthor at his evil genius finest and top it all off with a nice helping of various bad-guys and you’ve only just begun! I’d tell you more, but why waste time on that?! If you haven’t read the comics yet, you can purchase the collected volumes in either Trade PaperBack or Hardcover here:

Trade Paperbacks Hardcovers Absolute w/Extras

Now, about that movie?! I haven’t seen it and do not know anyone who has, but I can tell you this much: Amazon has it listed at more than reasonable prices right now. My brother has a Blu-ray player and I don’t, so we went halfsies on the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack! Can’t wait to get it in the mail tomorrow! I might have to go in to work a little later just so I can watch it with my son!

Well what are you waiting for? Why not get your copy now if you haven’t already?

Blu-ray/DVD Combo DVD 2-disk DVD Single

Also, here’s a trailer for your enjoyment:

Still not convinced? Well the Dwayne McDuffie did the writing for the movie version and that guy is one heck of a writer (Static Shock anyone?) not to mention he had one heck of a baseline to go off of anyway… Maybe I’ll have to get my buddy/cousin to get on here some time and talk about how awesome McDuffie is…

oh yeah, and did I mention… Lex Luthor has super powers?!