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What to do about Conflicker?!

There’s a lot of media hype about the Conficker Worm going on right now…

Is it just hype? Is it legit? Should we be worried? Who knows! But we’ll all find out tomorrow… But then again, we may not.

This nasty worm was created by some crafty individual(s) and is designed to be mysterious. The only thing known for sure about Conficker is that there are at least 4 variants and they are all set to become active on April 1st, 2009.

So what can we do? Click here to read more…

Tumor Removal – The Language Bar

You know that annoying little set of icons that appear on your taskbar near your clock every time you log into Windows? The one with the microphone and a box with a big question mark?

Simply right clicking and going to toolbars then unchecking “Language bar” will only temporarily cure this problem.

Well now you can kiss it goodbye!
Here’s how to remove this pesky tumor, permanently*!

  • Access your Control Panel
              (Start Menu -> Control Panel OR
              (Start Menu ->) My Computer -> Control Panel)
  • Click on “Regional and Language Options
              A new window will open
  • Click on the “Languages” Tab (near the top)
  • Under the section “Text services and input languages” click on the “Details” Button
              A new window will pop open
  • Near the bottom you will see a button called “Language Bar…” Click it.
              Another small window will pop open
  • Uncheck “Show the language bar on the desktop
              This prevents it from displaying automatically
              (unless you decide to use it again)
  • Click “OK” (closes that window)
  • Click “OK” again (closes another one)
  • Finally Click “Apply” and then “OK” (closes the last window)

There you have it, the tumor has been removed!

*Now for the Chemotherapy to permanently prevent it from returning
This is simple, and if you prefer to, you can just do this from the start and save yourself from the hassle.

  • Click “Start” then “Run
              a window will open (the run prompt)
  • Enter Regsvr32.exe /u msutb.dll
  • Click “OK
              The window will close and your problem is gone forever**!

msutb.dll is the key here. This command (note the /u) removes it from the registry so it cannot be accessed by the system.

**No wait, I Want it back!

  • Click “Start” then “Run
              a window will open (the run prompt)
  • Enter Regsvr32.exe msutb.dll
  • Click “OK
              The window will close and your Language Bar is back!

again msutb.dll is the key to this, Regsvr32.exe will add msutb.dll back to the registry so it may be accessed by the system.