Firefox 4

Firefox 4 — How to Use Back/Forward Button History — Quick and Easy

Firefox 4
Firefox 4

Have you been using Firefox 4 and been frustrated that you can’t go back or forward more than one page at a time? (You remember the old Firefox had the little down arrow next to the back and forward buttons that let you see your history for that tab so you could move back or forward easier?)

You may have written it off as a lost feature (why would they remove something so useful?!) or perhaps even tried to find an option for it in the options/preferences or even looked for a plugin to put it back?

Well you’re going to be mad, perhaps even furious, (and then happy) at just how easy it is! The feature is still there, it’s been there all along! Check it out!

Are you ready? ………………. Are you sure? …………… OK here it is:

Click and Hold the Back (or Forward) button for just a few seconds, and TA-DA! There it is!

It get’s even easier than that! All you have to do is RIGHT CLICK on the Back or Forward button. Super Easy!

Thanks to my friend Brad for the tip!


Firefox 4 -- Back/Forward History
Firefox 4 -- Back/Forward History

Told you it was easy! 🙂


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