22 thoughts on “Why and How to Remove EXIF (Meta/GeoTag/GPS) Data From Pics”

  1. I can tell you that if you upload photos to Flickr, all the EXIF/Metadata stays intact. You can hide it in the account settings, but it’s not hidden by default.

    For photographers like me, being able to view the EXIF data for someone else’s photo can be helpful in learning how a shot was taken, but I can definitely see how removing GPS data, if it’s in there, can be a very good thing from a security standpoint. That said, I tend to map all my photos, no matter where they were taken, as a lot of times it can help other photographers find good locations to shoot. I decided against hiding location data for photos, since all the information someone would need to track me down is out on the internet regardless of whether I’ve done anything online or not.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Brian. I agree, EXIF/Metadata can be very useful, especially for photographers. I think if I were into photography I would do the same for some/most photos I’d upload, but I’d want to keep the GPS data off of more personal pictures like pictures of my kids and/or around the house.

      Indeed all the info to track someone down is available online for someone willing to search it out, but there is still a difference. An example would be if a pedophile happens to come across a pic of your child. If the GPS data is in the EXIF on that pic and that pedo knows how to view it, you’ve just given them a map right to where you kid’s bedroom is (or whatever, you get the idea). If the GPS data is not on the pic, then the pedo would have to work a lot harder to track down the info to stalk your kid…

      I wouldn’t mind sharing GPS info on pics I took while on vacation or sight-seeing, but I don’t want any of that on pics of my family…

      1. Good points, Alex. Since I don’t have children, I guess I don’t think quite as much about privacy concerns as you do. And since my cellphone sucks as a camera and my good camera doesn’t to GPS data, I don’t have to worry about location data on my photos unless I choose to.

    2. Brian, you wrote:

      >I can tell you that if you upload photos to Flickr, all the EXIF/Metadata stays intact.

      That’s why I prefer to remove EXIF before uploading photos, with the help of EXIF Cleaner: http://www.superutils.com/products/exifcleaner/ And I don’t like console tools like jhead and ExifTool, because console scripting is so time consuming. Just my 5 cents guys.

  2. there’s a really easy non-command line option for removing getoags and other data from photos. It also works on a smartphone too, which is how most people share photos online. Try using Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor if you’re not familiar with command line, or just want a more convenience alternative for removing EXIF data when you share photos. It’s free too.

  3. If you’re not familiar with command line, or just prefer an user interface for your free software, try an app for PC, iPhone or Android called Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor. http://www.pixelgarde.com/ They support these applications with Ads, but it’s the easiest free alternative i’ve found. hope other find this useful.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks, I didn’t know Jhead; looks nice.
    Regarding the use on Mac OS X, instead of defining an alias for this particular program, I would recommend adding your ‘directory of choice’ to the $PATH variable, so that you can directly access any program there by just typing its name, instead of having to do an alias for each program you add.

    To do this, just add the line:

    export PATH=/Applications/Utilities/NoGUI:$PATH

    to your .profile file (of course, the ‘/Applications/Utilities/NoGUI’ part can be replaced by whatever directory one chooses to use).


  5. jhead -mkexif *.jpg does remove neither XMP data nor IPTC data. At least XMP data may contain GPS information, so it is better to use jhead -mkexif -di -dx *.jpg. I have not found an easy way to remove only GPS information (and possibly other information concerning location) in linux.

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  7. Hello. Location services was on, on my phone but it wasn’t on for the app I was using that I put pics of myself on. So there would be no geotag right? Thanks very much, Zara.

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