New Theme and Site Navigation (Bonus: Poll)

Well I mentioned recently that I was going to make a new theme for the site and here it is! To go with the new theme I also changed the navigation. Now the menu is sorted by topic only and is pretty straightforward. (If for some reason you liked the old “Antidote” category posts, they are still here, just under “Tech Stuff”).

Some of these new sections are empty — as in there are no posts there yet — but that will change in the near future. I now have another author to help add content to this site, so stay tuned.

For comparison I have included some small screenshots of the old and new themes with a new poll for you to vote and tell me what you think. If you have ideas/suggestions to make it better, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me via twitter, facebook, or email. Thanks!

New Theme
New Theme
Old Theme
Old Theme
[poll id=”5″]


Alex is a professional web and mobile developer. He loves spending time with his wife and kids, and is still very much a kid at heart. He enjoys reading comic books, watching TV/Movies, playing video games, playing with action figures and Legos.

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6 thoughts on “New Theme and Site Navigation (Bonus: Poll)”

    1. Thanks Brian, I appreciate it man! Nice to have some feedback. I’m trying to figure out the best way to change the home page. I’d like to have a featured or most recent section… probably just the post images with their title text over top, and then have some kind of welcome message… but i’m not sure yet… Thoughts?

  1. looks really good man! i’ll be sure to discuss a few more ideas with you when i come to visit! but everything so far that you’ve changed is a definite improvement *nods*

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