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Hello everyone name is Jeremy, some know me better as T. But more on that later *nods*


Well First I want to say it’s awesome to be here on Alex’s Antidote! he made me aware of this site the other day when I made a post on Facebook about the passing of Dwayne McDuffie (RIP). Since then I’ve looked over the board and in talks with Alex I’ve decided to jump on board as a writer/author here. I look forward to talking about some of the things I personally love to enjoy in life; Comic Books, Movies, and TV shows/cartoons. I may sometimes post something on Sports just to annoy you all, but it’ll be mostly about Comics.


A little bit about myself, I’m almost a quarter century old and I am from Michigan. I love American Football especially the University of Michigan, but really i’ll watch any football game if/when i can. I enjoy reading all kinds of comic books (Specifically X-Men titles, Teen Titans, JLA, GLcorps, and anything with Static in it). My favorite comic book character is Static from Milestone/DC comics and second favorite is Cable from Marvel comics. I really like watching movies, mostly action/comedies. I’ll watch any cartoon/tv show for at least 2 episodes before completely giving up on it, i call it my 2 ep rule because i believe after 2 episodes i can usually gauge whether or not i’m going to invest my time in this for the long haul. Leverage, Detroit 1-8-7, Chuck, and House are probably my favorites right now, though my watching list on Hulu is much longer lol


So anyways, enough about me. I hope you are all ready to endure my thoughts and opinions on things!




Jeremy Campbell is a young well-rounded and hard-working Michigan man. He owns thousands of comics and has read even more. When he’s not sharing his knowledge and love for comics, he is probably writing his own (in the form of role-playing stories) or watching sports (or working).

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