Windows 7 – Solid Background Boot Delay Bug

OK I found this to be interesting… Apparently there is a bug in Windows 7 that causes a 30 second startup delay when you opt to use a solid color background vs. a background image of any kind…

Now, I’ve never developed (or been a part of developing) an entire operating system, so I guess my point on this may be way off base, but does this bug make any sense at all? To me, from a programming perspective, no… not at all!

Supposedly there is a patch/workaround for it, though I haven’t tried any of it (I have Windows 7 at work, I may be tempted to test it out tomorrow just for the sake of verifying it first hand).
You can find info about the patch and workaround here: Lifehacker article.


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5 thoughts on “Windows 7 – Solid Background Boot Delay Bug”

  1. @windows tricks and tips: The only patch I bothered with is the one I linked to in the post. It wasn’t a problem for me because I use a nice wallpaper for my background instead of a solid color. But some people I know who prefer to have a plain appearance complained because they did use a solid background with no image and it gave them issues.

    @Laura: No, the problem was tied to a bug when a solid background is selected without a wallpaper. I tested it out on a fresh install of Windows 7, so there were very few startup programs.

  2. I have an issue on boot where my resolution always defaults back to a smaller size and my second monitor is disabled. There was supposed to be a patch for that as well but I have yet to resolve the issue.

    1. That is an interesting bug. I haven’t encountered that. Have you tried updating your video card and running window’s update?

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