Happy New Year! (Welcome 2010)

Well it has officially be 2 years (and a couple weeks) since I first started this website. I has not lived up to what I had at first envisioned and as I look back on the past 2 years it seems clear to me that I was constantly fighting against myself to make more out of this site than it really is or probably ever will be.

So, with that, I have decided to change course – just a little bit – and start 2010 off on (hopefully) the right foot!

New goal(s):

  • Even though I may not make many “Pages” with proper tutorials (as I had originally planned), I will make my best effort to post something (like short) each and every day (at least as much as I possibly can).
  • Post proper tutorials on big subjects as time allows. I have many ideas here, but little to no time to do it…
  • Post tech-related (and more specifically Linux related whenever possible) posts as often as possible
  • Include a pic or two in regular posts to liven things up a bit… yeah admit it, you’re more inclined to read if you see a pic 😉

That’s it for now. Best wishes to you all in the new year!

p.s. I have some web-development projects coming up in the next few weeks, so I may be talking about web development and design a bit for those who are interested…


Alex is a professional web and mobile developer. He loves spending time with his wife and kids, and is still very much a kid at heart. He enjoys reading comic books, watching TV/Movies, playing video games, playing with action figures and Legos.

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (Welcome 2010)”

    1. Thanks Phil! I look forward to working on them and writing about them. I’m currently working on some mock screens and a design document for my first client. It’s kind of funny because this helps me with one of my classes so it’s a double bonus really. I’ll fill you in on more of the details once I get approval from my client!

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